Friday, April 4, 2008

Lincoln Mall Up and Coming

Many people have asked us why we chose Lincoln Mall in Matteson as a location for our bookstore. It's no secret that this mall has fallen on hard times; foot traffic has suffered, but the main reason we are here lies in one thought. Potential. When I was in junior high, Lincoln Mall was one of the best hangout spots. With all the great stores and a movie theater across the street, what more could young teen girls want? Other people must have thought the same way, because Lincoln Mall was always packed with customers. Well, then something happened. The movie theater closed, and some major retailers left the area. Lincoln Mall lost some of its excitement, and it stayed that way for a few years as people started going to other shopping outlets. But, things are changing. Now, only a few years later, I'm back from college, and Lincoln Mall is coming back as well. Everyone hasn't figured it out though, which I believe is why we get the, "why Lincoln Mall?" question. Maybe they don't believe the new management company can really turn it around into the super shopping experience it once was, but we don't think so. Have a little faith! The Southtown Star wrote an article about the redevelopment happing in Lincoln Mall. Azizi Books isn't the only store that sees potential here.

Read the Southtown Star article here
Lincoln Mall ready for shopping rebound

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