Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Holiday Rush?

Have you done your holiday shopping yet? Well, it's Tuesday, exactly one week before Christmas and chances are you probably haven't yet. According to Reuters, more people are waiting until the last minute to shop, and they are going to want better deals when they do. Like many retailers, we are waiting for the urgency in shopper's mind to hit. In Matteson, this past Sunday, the mall wasn't quite as bustling as people had trouble getting their cars out of the snow from the night before. Sales may have slowed as a result. Others blame the economy. It's the credit crunch, the housing market, the rising gas and food prices, they say that are slowing retail sales this season. Is that it? Maybe so.

Have you made a conscious decision to spend less money this year for holiday gifts? Let me suggest the perfect solution. A BOOK. No really, it is the perfect gift. For less than $30 (sometimes much less) you can give the gift that keeps on giving. A book provides hours of entertainment or invaluable information and knowledge you can always return to. They don't go out of fashion and they just might make someone's life better. Now, ask yourself, what could be better than that?