Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Buck Really Does Stop Here.

This information comes from a bookmark that we got from the ABA (American Booksellers Association) as a part of their Buy Local First campaign.

For every $100 a consumer spends....
*Local businesses give
$68 to their local economy.
*Chain stores give back only $43.
Local booksellers are members of your community. They care and they contribute. (So true!)

Consumer Quick Quiz
Q: How many in-store author appearances did Amazon stage in your town last year?
A: None. I'd like to point out that since opening in November 2007, Azizi Books has had 15 published authors appear in our store, most of which are local to the Matteson area.
Q: How many people did Amazon employ in your town last year?
A: Zero!
Q: How much did Amazon donate to your local community organizations last year?
Q: How much did Amazon collect in sales tax and pay to support schools, social services and public agencies last year?

So in conclusion, buy local first! Before you run to Wal-mart to buy food, check out the local grocery store or farmers market, before you run to Amazon or Borders come to Azizi Books or order from Stop sending your money to China and India or some other far away land! Supporting local and independent businesses where you are is good for us all.

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