Friday, October 5, 2007

Grace After Midnight

In African American books today we usually do not read true tales about women involved in drugs and violence but Grace After Midnight brings us just that.

Grace After Midnight is the memoir of Felicia "Snoop" Pearson who plays Snoop on HBO's The Wire. I have not watched The Wire yet so I asked Kevin if he had. He said when he saw her character he was sure she was a boy. Is anyone else out there confused? If so this book dispels the myth.

One of the coolest parts about being a bookseller is the advanced reader copies. I'm steadily devouring everything, new and old. Grace After Midnight found it's way in my hands at the Great Lakes Bookseller Association trade show Saturday night, by Sunday afternoon I had finished it. It was a quick read and the honesty was intriguing. Ms. Pearson speaks her mind with no apology. I found it refreshing, but . . . a little scary. Anyone reading Urban Fiction today will enjoy this book. It is Urban without the Fiction.

Grace After Midnight
will be available November 1, 2007. Contact me to reserve a copy.


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AK Works said...

Felicia "Snoop" Pearson plays Snoop in The Wire and is one of several feel-good stories to come from this show. She was spotted by Michael K. Williams who plays Omar. Season 3 was the first season Snoop came about and Season 4 featured Snoop more. She'll be in the final season, Season 5. Season 4 was also a big start for a lot of young actors in the Baltimore area - and the Wire is known to hire unknowns from off the street; almost anyone who wants to try out can have a chance to be on the show.

One can't forget Snoop's past or the wrongs she's committed. But one can take solace in knowing that she's allowed herself to be reformed - that there is a second chance and that, as David Simon (creator of The Wire) said, we all get to write our own endings. We do indeed have a choice to walk away.