Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Bump That Rocked The News

It happened this morning, two days after Barack Obama became the presumptive democratic presidential nominee. I was watching the news and I saw a picture of Barack and Michelle Obama giving each other the fist bump. "What was that they just did?" the world asked. My first thought was, really is there nothing more to report? Nothing about the "Fist Bump" seem special to me. I was watching when Obama walked to the podium to make his speech on Tuesday, and thought nothing of it. Then I thought, oh wait, this is news to many because mainstream society has never really witnessed this (hard to believe but quite possibly true). Throughout the day news sources kept buzzing. Yahoo has reported that the "Fist Bump" has sparked big interest from major news sources trying to figure out and analyze the moment, and searches for pictures and video clips of the Bump soared.

I say, take a minute to consider.... what is next.

Barack Obama is the very first African American to make it so far in a presidential election. People are looking into Barack Obama's life with determination unlike the way they have looked at any African American's life. I mean, they are really paying attention because that is what you do to politicians, especially presidential ones. In doing so they are going to see aspects of African American culture that the mainstream Caucasian may have never noticed. So, I wonder, what is next? What is the next staple of African American culture to be noticed and analyzed by the masses.

Am I overreacting? Maybe. But I am not the one who took time out of the morning news to report this story. I am not the major news sources that had to ask MTV what the fist bump meant. So, maybe, I am not overreacting. Our society could be on the verge of a shift of cultural awareness. Only time will tell.

A Presidential Fist Bump

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